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India is a vast and dynamic country with over 1.41 billion people and a diverse range of cultures, languages, and landscapes. So it’s no surprise why so many entrepreneurs are drawn to this country as the perfect place to set up a business. But with such a large area, it can be hard to decide which city to go to.

Do you focus on tech hubs or India’s key industrial cities? What about government investment in infrastructure? With our blog, you will be able to will explore the best cities for business in India and what makes them the best choice for entrepreneurs.


Mumbai is India’s financial and commercial hub and the most populous city in the country. It is also among the world’s top 10 centers for commerce in terms of global financial flow, according to a report by Knight Frank. The city is the place of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, and several multinational companies.
Mumbai has a long history of entrepreneurship and is often said to be the ‘birthplace of many industries.’ The city is also known for its ‘risk-taking’ culture, which has led to the success of many businesses in a wide range of industries.
If you are looking to set up a business, Mumbai is definitely worth considering.


Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the best places to setup a business. The city has a population of over 25 million people and is the second-largest metropolis. It is a hub for trade and commerce and is also home to many multinational companies.

Delhi has excellent infrastructure and is well-connected to other parts of India and the world. The city also offers a good quality of life, with plenty of options for recreation and entertainment.


Chennai, the suther gateway of India and the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is a popular destination for businesses. The city has a large educated workforce and is well-connected to other parts of the country. Chennai is also home to many industries, making it an ideal place to setup a business.


Kolkata is one of the best cities for business in India. The city has a long and rich business history and is known for its port and heritage. Kolkata is also a major commercial and financial center and is home to many large businesses. The city has good infrastructure and is well-connected to other parts.


Bangalore is India’s third-largest city and the capital of the southern state of Karnataka. It is also known as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role in the country’s IT industry. The city has a population of over 13 million.
Bangalore is a major center for information technology (IT) companies. The city is home to many IT giants, such as Infosys, Wipro, and Tata Consultancy Services. These companies have helped Bangalore earn its nickname. In addition to these large IT firms, Bangalore is also home to a number of smaller startups and tech companies. 
The city’s infrastructure and business-friendly environment make it an ideal location for setting up a business. In addition, Bangalore has a highly educated workforce and a large pool of talented engineers. All these factors make Bangalore one of the best Indian cities to setup business.


Hyderabad has a long history as a major center of trade and commerce, dating back to the time of the Nizams. The city’s convenient location and infrastructure make it an ideal base for businesses looking to enter the Indian market.

Hyderabad is also home to a large number of educated professionals, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to set up R&D or back-office operations.


Pune is often referred to as the “Oxford of the East” due to its many universities and colleges, and also one of the best cities for business in India. It is also a major hub for the IT and automotive industries. Pune has a young population with a median age of 30 years, making it an attractive market for businesses. The city also has a relatively low cost of living, making it a good option for businesses on a budget.

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