What is Kingo Root download?

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What is Kingo Root APP? It is the best rooting software for Android mobiles and tablets. Why do we need it? The manufacturers provide limited power to our mobile devices. Hence, we can not perform everything as we want. Therefore, we face some terrible issues when we use mobile devices such as a lick of internal storage space, etc. However, now we can boost our device’s performance with rooting software. Now let’s see more details about the rooting software. Here we go;


What is Kingo Root download?

It is the best rooting software for Android devices from Jelly Bean 4.1.2. to Oreo 8.1. The rooting tool comes with both Android root APK and root PC versions. The PC version has higher usability than the APK version. Also, the PC-based version is more stable in processing and reports lower risks. However, both versions are 100% safe to use as a rooting tool. Where to download it? You can download it from the official website. Is it free? Yes: you can download Kingo Android root APK and Android root PC versions for free.

  1. What are the best features?

Why Kingo Root app has a massive fan base than other competitive rooting software? Here is the answer. You can get it now.


  • The tool perfectly supports Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. To Oreo 8.1.
  • It comes with both a mobile version as well as a PC version.
  • Just one click rooting tool
  • The PC-based version is more stable in processing and reports lower risks.
  • It comes in an updated tool version offering the best root support to all users.
  • Contains universal Android root script
  • Kingoroot download free from the official website
  • Allowed the highest personalization opportunities for your Android devices
  • Good processing time
  • Works without any lag
  • Super-efficiently
  • 100% safe to use


  1. What are the advantages after rooting you can achieve?

  • The Kingo Root app gives admin rights to users to perform advanced functions.
  • Install custom ROMs and Kernerls
  • Increase the storage space
  • Delete pre-installed apps
  • Download thousands of root-only apps
  • Blocks Ads
  • Change themes
  • The rooting software updates the operating systems
  • Increase the battery life
  • Get complete backups


  1. What is the latest version of the Kingo Root app?

The latest version of the KingoApp for PC  is V. It supports all Windows versions, including Windows 11. Also, it is a bug-fixed update concerning the software crash issue in the previous tool updates. It includes a fix to software crash issues. Likewise, the latest version provides universal root scripts to support versions above Android 5.0 Lollipop. Also, it has a free license to download. You can download it from the official website for free.

  1. Is it safe to use?

Yes: the Kingo Root app is 100% safe to use as a rooting tool. The Android rooting mainly depends on the rooting tool you select. You can use it to root your devices with 100% safety.However, sometimes the rooting becomes unsafe. What is the reason? Rooting provides administrative powers over the stock setting through internal changes and modifications. That means cracking the rules of Android security and making some progressive changes. Also, rooting is a highly technical task. After rooting, you just lose the warranty. Hence, you will expose some security threats when you misuse them. So, you must be careful about what changes make after rooting.

  1. Why is the Kingo Root App PC version better than the APK version?

The PC-based version is more stable in processing and reports lower risks. Likewise, the computer-based version has the highest device and firmware compatibility. Also, when you root your devices through a PC, the screen displays all the instructions in order. Hence, you can root your devices without any trouble.

  1. How to prepare devices before rooting?

  • Download the latest version of the rooting software for a successful result
  • Make sure the stable Wifi connection during the rooting process
  • Install USB drivers and enable USB debugging mode using ADB drivers
  • Confirms the good battery power
  • Enable USB debugging mode from the Android devices
  • Use a proper USB cable to connect the device


  1. How to root?

Through a PC – Kingo root Steps to download


  • Download the Kingo Root PC version on the computer and run the installer
  • Now launch the app from the installed icon
  • When it requires connecting the device, using the cable and connecting the device to the PC
  • Wait for the program to get connected with the device
  • If all is done, hit a root on the screen and wait for the program to finish.

Through direct mobile


  • First, open the handset browser and search the Kingo Root app.
  • Then download the Kingoroot APK and install it. The app icon will stand on your home screen.
  • During the installation, the app will ask to allow unknown sources if you cannot enable them during preparation.
  • Launch the tool application with one click on the icon.
  • Tap the “One Click Root” button at the bottom of the user interface.
  • Then the procedure will start and end within a couple of minutes.
  • The root success note will appear for those who complete the rooting process.
  • The device should reboot.
  • Then download the root checker app. It will help you to confirm your status clearly if you are in doubt.


  1. What are the troubleshooting tips?

  • Check the compatibility of the Android devices with the KingoRoot. Because why? Some devices do not work due to incompatibility with th rooting tool.
  • Maintain good batter power
  • Confirms the stable Wifi connection
  • Download the latest version for a successful result


The Kingo Root app is the best Android rooting software in the online market. It comes with both Android root PC and Kingo one click root APK versions. Likewise, both versions will boost your device’s performance perfectly. Also, the software is an accurate and secure tool to use as a rooting tool. Do you want more details? Please refer to our official website. Also, do not forget to share your experience with other Android users.


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